Frequent lack of sleep: So solid can have less than six hours of sleep!

What are the effects of lack of sleep on our health?

A lot of people sleep, for various reasons, not particularly good. This often leads to Sufferers to sleep only a few hours per night. Doctors found that a sleep time increased from less than six hours per night, the risk for cardiovascular disease.

The scientists at the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones cardio vasculares Foundation (CNIC) found in their study that people who sleep regularly less than six hours per night, and are subject to, apparently, an increased risk for cardiovascular disease. The doctors published the results of their research work in the English scientific journal “Journal of the American College of Cardiology”.

What measures have been used in the investigation?

In their study, the researchers focused on nearly 4,000 subjects, in which there is no present heart disease was known. The average age of Participants was 46 years and two-thirds of the subjects were men. The Participants wore for a period of seven days, a so-called Actigraph. Such a device cycles is a non – invasive method for the investigation of human activity and Rest. In addition, studies by means of 3D cardiac ultrasound and cardiac computed tomography were performed to investigate the Participating in of heart disease.

Lack of sleep increased the risk for atherosclerosis by 27 percent

The results of the study showed that people who slept less than six hours per night had a 27 percent higher likelihood of developing atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), compared with people who at night slept between seven and eight hours. In the case of an atherosclerosis, an accumulation of Plaque in the arteries of the body.

Protect your heart by getting enough sleep

As the study has shown that sleep can be used as a means of combating heart disease is considered, explained study author José M. Ordovás from the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones cardio vasculares Foundation (CNIC). If people do not get enough sleep, you endanger each day, the health of your heart, warns the expert.

Sleep quality has an influence on the risk for atherosclerosis

Also the quality of sleep is important in order to avoid arteriosclerosis. Subjects with poor sleep quality had a 34 percent higher likelihood to develop atherosclerosis, compared with people who had a good quality of sleep, say the doctors.

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