Flu jab vaccine: How you could get a free vaccine?

Flu season is officially upon us. The flu is a very common and highly infectious disease which is caused by a virus. It is much more severe than the common cold and results in a person feeling extremely ill and spending at least two to three days in bed. This leads to missing work and school and can be a nuisance, impacting one’s lives negatively. For some, the flu can be very dangerous. Flu complications lead to tens of thousands of hospital stays and an average of 600 deaths in the UK every year. Having a flu jab vaccine however, will significantly reduce a person’s risk of developing the illness and help them stay healthy during the upcoming winter months. Which pharmacies offer the flu jab free of charge?

Flu can be serious for those more at risk of developing complications and these people are entitled to afree NHS jab

Boots pharmacy

The NHS offers a free flu jab but only to certain age and health groups.

Children aged two to four years will be given the vaccine at their general practice, usually by the practice nurse.

Young kids in school years one to three are likely to receive their vaccine at school.

Pregnant women and anyone aged 65 and older are eligible for a free jab.

People with a long-term heart or respiratory diseases or weakened immune systems will also get a free jab.

Boots pharmacy said on their website: “Flu can be serious for those more at risk of developing complications and these people are entitled to a free NHS jab.

“We offer the free NHS flu jab to eligible people aged 18 and over in most pharmacies in England and Wales.

“These include pregnant women, carers, social care workers and those with certain medical conditions.

“Our socially-trained pharmacist will check if you’re eligible for the free NHS flu jab following a short consultation and the completion of a questionnaire.

“If you fall into one of the clinical risk groups who are advised to have the flu jab on the NHS, Boots may be able to provide a free NHS jab.”

The health body said: “The virus that causes flu can change every year, so you need a vaccination that matches the new viruses each year.

“The vaccine usually provides protection for the duration of that year’s flu season.”

Boots, Asda, Tesco, Superdrug and Lloyds pharmacies all offer the flu jab vaccine and if eligible will offer it for free.

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