Emma Willis health: Presenter’s mystery illness that led her to ‘reassess everything’

Emma Willis, 43, opened up about her mystery illness earlier this year, saying the unexplained condition made her feel bloated and “knackered”. After visiting a nutritionist, the presenter was advised to make some lifestyle changes which helped her get back to feeling her normal self. Speaking to Women’s Health in May, she explained: “Normally, I’m a very positive, happy person and suddenly I wasn’t, and that really affected me. I went to see a nutritionist, who did some tests, and it turned out to be lots of different things that were all over the place.

Normally, I’mvery positive, happy person and suddenly I wasn’t, and that really affected me

Emma Willis

“Stress, inflammation in my body, as well as being puffy and bloated, and I was just knackered.

“You don’t realise that those things affect your body in the way that they do, until you’re not in a good place. I had to reassess everything.”

As a result of her low energy levels, Emma’s exercise regime had become “sporadic”.

On the recommendation of her nutritionist, Emma took up Pilates and looked at her self-care habits.

She said: “I’ve had to reassess everything because of blood test [results].

“I was knackered, really – so my approach to exercise is quite sporadic.

“I was recommended training that didn’t put any extra stress on my body, so I’ve been doing reformer Pilates once or twice a week if I can. And I love it.

“I’m not very good at the mat-based stuff – with yoga,” she admitted. “I’m like, what do you mean ‘breathe’? I can’t breathe, I’m stuck.

“But I feel like I actually achieve something with reformer Pilates.”

Speaking about her body image and self confidence, Emma went on to say: “It’s funny because, when I was younger, my body was ‘better’, but I was more insecure about it.

“Then, in my thirties, I had children, so loved my body because of what it had produced.

“I’m also more aware as I get older of being healthy, and taking care of my body from the inside, rather than thinking about how it looks from the outside.”

Why does stress cause tummy troubles?

Times of stress can cause a feeling of unease in the stomach because anxiety can upset the delicate balanced of digestion, explains the NHS.

In some people it can slow down digestion, causing bloating, pain and constipation.

In others it speeds up digestion, causing diarrhoea and frequent trips to the loo.

The health body advises: “One solution is to avoid eating when you’re feeling very anxious, stressed or unhappy.

“It also helps your digestion if you avoid arguing at the dinner table, as getting angry can put you off your food or make eating harder. Try to keep mealtimes happy and relaxed.”

It’s also important to note bloating and inflammation in the body can be caused by other lifestyle choices and health conditions.

If you experience symptoms similar to Emma’s, see your GP.

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