Best time to have sex revealed

Best time to have sex revealed (and it’s probably NOT when you think!)

  • Scientists claim testosterone levels peak in morning meaning men last longer
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It is certainly an invigorating way to start the day and shake off sleepiness.

And morning sex may also be more satisfying than sex at any other time of day, based on new research.

It is worth setting the alarm clock, as the most exciting time for passion is apparently 7.30am.

The findings come from 500 men and 500 women, aged 18 to 65, who were asked to record the times at which they had sex over six weeks.

On each occasion, they rated their enjoyment of the act out of 10.

Results showed that around 30 minutes after waking up, which was 7am, on average, was the preferred time (stock image)

Naturecan, which sells CBD products in the UK, asked 500 men and 500 women who lead ‘healthy and active’ lives, about their daily routine.

Each participant was asked to log the ‘optimum times when they got the maximum benefits’ out of a range of activities. 

These included the time of day that volunteers, who were aged 18 to 65, burned the most calories from exercise and the time of day they ate to lose the most weight, based on self-reporting over six weeks.

Results showed that 7am was the most popular time to wake up and 7.30am was the preferred time for morning sex.

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Around 24 per cent of people said 7.30am, with fewer preferring sex later in the morning. For example, just 11 per cent selected 10.30am.

Naturecan said 7.30am is ideal, as it is enough time to overcome ‘night-time grogginess’, brush teeth and have enough energy.

And around this time, male testosterone levels should be at their highest.

That’s according to a US study, published in the journal Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology, which found that levels of the male sex hormone are highest shortly after waking up.

And sex also triggers the release of mood-boosting hormones dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin. 

A Naturecan spokesperson said: ‘Sex in the early morning, when the body is ready to start the day, will help the body to produce a good amount of sex hormones called dopamine which increase the feeling of satisfaction and sexual desire.

‘Morning sex produces endorphins, the magical pain-relieving chemicals in your body that help boost your mood. That’s why you usually feel happier after you’ve climaxed.’

The findings are part of a ’12-point plan to live a healthy life’, which researchers say sets out the optimum times to do certain activities.

Naturecan recommends waking up at 7am, after seven to nine hours of sleep. 

It then suggests going on a 15-minute run before having sex, followed by breakfast at 7.45am.

The findings also pinpointed 10am as the best time for working, 12.45pm as the optimum time for lunch and 10pm as the best time for going to bed.

A Naturecan spokesperson said: ‘Morning sex can bring you and your partner closer together. Sex produces oxytocin also known as the ”cuddle hormone”. Oxytocin is the chemical in the brain that controls love and bonding. When it’s released during sex, you’ll feel more connected to your partner.

‘Having morning sex may not be the equivalent of running on a treadmill for an hour, but it’s still a good workout. Sex burns about five calories per minute, according to research from the Harvard Medical School. That’s the same as going for a walk.’

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