Abdomen a reference to a serious disease pain often

Endometriosis: Painful woman suffering often remains undetected

Abdominal pain is a leading Symptom with menstrual pains. To a certain extent, as a rule, pains are normal. The pain is excessive, there may be the dreaded endometriosis. If the disease is detected too late, could infertility be a consequence. Therefore, all women should be the symptoms of endometriosis and in case of suspicion go to the doctor.

One of the most common women’s suffering

Endometriosis is a health experts as one of the most common but also the most difficult to suffer be diagnosed woman. “According to estimates, about 7-15% of all women suffer in the sex-Mature age of endometriosis. In Germany, about 2-6 million women. More than 30,000 women a year are afflicted by endometriosis,“ writes the endometriosis Association Germany. Other estimates of 40,000 new cases per year. The nationwide day of endometriosis on the 29. September should be made to the still unknown disease.

Common cause for infertility

Endometriosis is a chronic, but benign disease that can affect women from the onset of the menstrual period until menopause, but after.

This tissue occurs, similar to the lining of the uterus (Endometrium) in the abdomen and settles on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, bowel, bladder, or the peritoneum.

In rare cases, Association, other organs are affected, according to the endometriosis, such as the lungs. These endometriosis lesions are influenced in most cases by the hormones of the menstrual cycle. So the herd can grow cyclically, and bleeding.

The consequence of this inflammation, the formation of cysts and the development of scarring and adhesions are. In addition, the same or similar findings can occur in some cases, even without the influence of hormones.

The course of the disease varies from case to case. The disease is one of the most common causes for infertility.

Strong Menstrual Pain

According to the experts, it takes an average of eight to twelve years before Doctors know the often diffuse a complaint is to interpret images of their patients properly.

This is because the growths of the uterine tissue can lead to adhesions and adhesions to many organs and even nerves.

Mainly of the abdominal and pelvic area are affected – basically, the Endometrium can grow anywhere in the body.

Among the typical symptoms of the disease, among other things, strong menstrual pain, chronic lower abdominal pain and pain during intercourse.

When the endometriosis occurs in the bladder or in the bowel, in rare cases, blood in the urine, blood in the stool, or discomfort during urination is possible.

In many cases, painful cysts may form. In some women, non-specific complaints such as back pain, headache, dizziness and gastric problems also.

Endometriosis is quickly dismissed as a “woman’s problem”

Between the appearance of the first symptoms and the diagnosis as much time passes, together with the low awareness of the disease.

Most women have heard prior to your diagnosis of endometriosis, and have often not been taken for years of your environment and your Doctors seriously.

“Endometriosis is an invisible disease, but not conceited,” Sabine Steiner, the Chairman of the Executive Board of the endometriosis Association Germany.

Your statement that women are marginalised with endometriosis social often. As you can see, the disease is superficial, is endometriosis dismissed quickly as a “woman’s problem”.

(Not only) on the occasion of the Federal day of endometriosis-wide on 29. In September, it should be noted that the lower abdomen is not part of pain “are of Being a woman”.

If girls and women grow up with this belief, then you can name your pain is much easier and faster.

Positive experiences with alternative healing methods

The endometriosis caused pain are often treated with pain medication, an influence on the course of the actual disease such medicines have.

In many cases, only one Operation remains, ultimately, particularly when the endometriosis prevents a desire to have children. However, even despite successful SURGERY, the pain can be become in the many years in which the disease was left untreated, chronic.

In addition to the conventional medical treatment methods, alternative methods of healing, especially after surgery, is conceivable.

The focus is on the objectives, “to reduce the symptoms to reduce the pain and the well-being of the woman, both physically and psychologically restore or strengths are,” writes the endometriosis Association Germany.

Of the Association, there are already positive experiences with acupuncture, Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), homeopathy and phytotherapy (herbal medicine).

The disease can also be influenced by a meaningful change of diet, reducing Stress, and moderate exercise positive. (ad)