Mammography reduces the risk of dying of breast cancer

Researchers from Sweden and England strongly recommend mammography to detect breast cancer in a timely manner. After the evaluation of long-term data of over half a million Swedish women showed that mammography can reduce the number of advanced and fatal disease within ten years, according to the study.

A mammography was able to reduce the participating women, the risk of dying in the next ten years of breast cancer by 41 percent. The risk of advanced breast cancer in the same period, 25 percent lower than without early detection of cancer. This, the researchers report in the journal "Cancer".

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In the analysis of data from almost a third of all Swedish women who came for a mammography Screening in question. Prof. Stephen Duffy of Queen Mary University in London said: "This study shows that the participation in the breast cancer Screening reduces the risk of fatal breast cancer significantly."

His Swedish colleague, Dr. László Tabár of Falun Central Hospital, pointed out that the risk of the breast cancer Screening is low and the Benefits outweigh, in any case: "Some people might believe that the improvements in the treatment of breast cancer making early detection less important. Our study shows, however, that early detection is nothing to replace."