Flanking is in the Winter, unhealthy?

First of all, the term: Flanking is made up of flashing (engl. for flashing) and ankle (engl. for the ankle). The ankle is made to Look, by wearing in the shoes (mostly sneakers) with no or only scanty socks. The trousers ending just above the ankle. It is too long, it is rolled up.

The Whole serves to bring fashionable shoes to better advantage, to show the slender ankle, or even in the Winter, a bit of a tan present.

Whether it is healthy to take in the Winter cold feet in purchase to follow a fashion trend, in addition to the ghosts. Two statements are:

The truth is, as so often, somewhere in between. To find them, is it understand important to what makes us sick, if we get, for example, in the Winter of a cold.

Makes cold sick?

In our environment, countless pathogens cavort constantly. They penetrate into the body, they can cause diseases. However, we are prepared: Our immune system can most of the attacks of germs to fend off. In the nose, for example, form mucous membranes and cilia , a first barrier against viruses and bacteria.

However, this is successful only as long as the mucous membranes are functioning properly and the immune system is strong. A lowered immune system and dry mucous membranes provide the way for germ-free and the next cold can come.

The immune system can be severely stressed or weakened by:

  • Cold
  • Stress
  • too little movement
  • too little fresh air
  • too little sleep
  • chronic diseases

The nasal membranes to dry through heating air or very cold, dry air in the Winter quickly and lose their function.

Conclusion: the cold alone does not get sick! Pathogens make you sick. Cold this can merely boost.

Flanking is in the Winter, so healthy?

The General practitioner Dr. Frauke Gehring has a clear opinion: “It is proved that cold feet promote influenza and urinary tract infections.” That’s why you don’t believe in it, to follow the Trend, even in the Winter. “It is also absurd to feel because of a trend uncomfortable. And most of the people freeze in the Winter with bare ankles,” says Gehring.

How can you show in the Winter without risk of the ankle?

Who would not want to leave from Flanking, you should see to it that his immune system is not functioning as well as possible. After all, who has a strong immune system that will not fall ill so quickly. Therefore, it is advisable to harden.

The wife of Dr. Gehring thinks is useful. Flanking is not suitable for the Toughening, but. You should rely better on the well-known ways:

  • a lot of movement/Sport
  • regular use of the sauna
  • Contrast showers
  • Winter walks in appropriate clothing


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