At Covid-19 of diseased groom may source for more than 100 infections

At the time of the wedding and a few days later at the funeral of an apparently diseased groom in India more than a hundred people have been infected with the novel Coronavirus. The 26-Year-old on the day of his wedding on 15. June symptoms of a Covid-19-had the disease, authorities in the North-Eastern state of Bihar on Wednesday. Two days later, he died.

“So far, 111 people have participated either at the wedding or at the funeral were tested positive,” said Raj Kishor Chaudhary from the health authority in Bihar’s capital, Patna. All the other guests of the two events had been “identified and isolated”.

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If the groom was actually the source of the outbreak remained open. Before his body could be tested on Sars-CoV-2, she was cremated. In the case of the bride and the groom’s Relatives, no Corona was detected infection.

The groom, a Software engineer, had only returned a week before the wedding from the capital city of New Delhi. Due to complaints, he came in the meantime to the hospital, his family picked him up but soon again. Came to his wedding more than 300 guests, at his funeral, nearly 200 people, including wedding guests.

The authorities opened an investigation for breach of the Corona-restrictions. In the case of the otherwise so elaborately celebrated weddings in India at funerals of 20 participants are currently only allows 50 guests.

The novel Coronavirus has spread in the past few weeks in India quickly. Yet in the 1.3-billion-inhabitants-of the country were detected almost 600,000 contagions. 17.000 Infected died.

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