ACE-inhibitors: no risk of cancer?

Last autumn, a large study suggested that the intake of inhibitors of certain high blood pressure, called ACE, the risk for lung cancer increases. The European medicines Agency (EMA) has assessed the risk and sees no need for action.

ACE inhibitors are among the most commonly used drugs to treat weakness high blood pressure or heart. An observational study from the year 2018, the "The British Medical Journal" was published ( reported), pointing out, however, that ACE inhibitors could increase in comparison to the so-called Sartans, the risk for lung cancer.

The pharmacovigilance Committee of the EMA had dealt with the topic and comes to the conclusion that the significance of the study is too small to take further action. Thus, patients receiving ACE inhibitors were more often older, male, and smoked more. The socio-economic Status, the behaviour of the Prescription and that lung cancer can affect risk, had not been taken into account in the study.

In particular, given the well-documented benefits of ACE inhibitors and only a slight increase in the risk in the reported study, the experts currently see no reason to Change the regulation practice.


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