A Diabetes drug when you stop Smoking helps?

A drug that is normally used for the treatment of type-2 Diabetes, relieves the typical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal in rats and mice. This shows a recent "Journal of Neuroscience" study, published. The results could lead to a new strategy in the fight against Smoking.

Cravings, plenty of of appetite, restlessness, anxiety, irritability, and depression: these things have to fight a lot of smokers when you are trying to forgo the Fags. Even if the desire to stop large, continue to smoke a lot because of the strong side effects of nicotine withdrawal. You might be able to help in the future, the active ingredient, pioglitazone, and their Addiction to get rid of.

It has been found that the Diabetes drug also acts in the brain in areas involved in drug dependence. Tests on mice and rats confirmed this: When the substance was injected into the brain of the animals, decreased the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, such as paw tremor, teeth chattering, head shaking and anxiety.

Nicotine consumers have a 30 percent higher risk of developing type II Diabetes. The researchers hypothesize that pioglitazone, a Smoking diabetic patients could help in two ways: By moderating the physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms, making it easier for the cessation of the cigarette, and at the same time the insulin is reduced resistance.