Kaavia James Is Very Protective of Her Food — & Even Her Daddy Dwyane Wade Doesn’t Get a Pass

Like a mama bear to her cub, 4-year-old Kaavia James is a fierce protector of her food. It’s hers — don’t you dare try to steal it! Yes, that goes for everyone. Her mom Gabrielle Union captured a moment of her husband Dwyane Wade trying to poke the bear, and Kaavia was having none of it!

In a video posted on Instagram yesterday, Kaavia and her daddy are eating next to each other on the couch. Kaavia is giving the side eye to Wade as she enjoys her meal. But the moment is anything but peaceful. When he thinks she isn’t looking, Wade reaches over as if to grab something off her plate. The girl known as Shady Baby just has to give Wade a look to show him she means business.

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“@dwyanewade bout to pull back a nub. #mondaymotivation #shadybaby” the Strange World star captioned the video, joking about how Kaavia is about to bite off his finger that tries to steal her meal. Honestly, good for her standing up for herself! Her dad needs to learn to keep his hands to himself, thank you very much.

The comments section was hilarious as always. “Kaavia don’t play with her food she got her eye on daddy 😂😂😂😂,” one person wrote. Another said, “The eye roll says you better not touch my food.😂😂”

“Dad is about to F around and find out messing with Kaav’s food🤭,” someone else commented.

“Both their facial expressions are SENDINGGG me 🤣🤣,” another said, referring to Wade’s incredulous look. He thought he’d be able to steal a bite, but not on Kaavia’s watch!

This isn’t the first time Kaavia’s had to defend her snacks. In July 2022, she shared a video from her Instagram account showing someone reaching his hand to take multiple pretzels from Kaavia’s bag, so she does what any strong, independent woman would do — removes the bag and turns away to protect her stuff! It’s inspiring, for sure.

Don’t try to steal your kid’s food. But if you do, be sure to get a video of their reaction, because if it’s anything like Kaavia’s, then it’s solid gold!

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