Bronze Mahomes Has a Flashy New Toy & Is Letting Big Sister Sterling Take the Wheel

Sterling Mahomes and Bronze Mahomes (daughter and son of that Mahomes) are once again living the life. Mom Brittany Mahomes, fitness trainer and co-owner of the Kansas City Current, posted photos of her kiddos on her Instagram story showing the kiddos driving their kids-sized Mercedes truck. No big deal.

In one photo, Bronze “drives” the truck, but they quickly change seats. We then see Sterling take the wheel. “She didn’t like him in charge of driving so we had to swap 😂😂.” And, honestly, fair. I wouldn’t want my 9-month-old brother driving the G Wagon. And not only because of his age but because if I was 2-year-old Sterling, I would desperately want a turn steering the wheel and beeping the horn.

We are always so jealous of the Mahomes kids’ ride-on toys. In June, Sterling rode her indoor/outdoor unicorn “roller coaster” again and again. And yes, we’re jealous. It has a 9-foot track and the unicorn has a light-up rainbow horn that makes sounds. What more could you want? Oh yeah, a Mercedes. Bronze isn’t quite old enough to ride that one with his sister, but we have no doubt he’ll have as much fun on it one day as she does.

Glitz and glam aside, these siblings also love fan favorite toys that don’t break the bank. Just last week, Bronze was seen munching on a classic teether that has been around for more than 60 (!!!) years. Because Vulli Sophie The Giraffe is always a winner. Just like Bronze’s dad, Super Bowl-winning Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Football season is fast approaching, and Sterling and Bronze are already prepping for game day. Their sporty style is back on full display, with Bronze rocking a football onesie and Sterling decked out in her Chiefs’ gear. We have our binoculars at the ready can’t wait to see what they wear from their box seats every Sunday.

Dolls are for boys, too! Here’s our list of our favorite babies and buddies for your little guy.

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