Teens left needing daily surgery after being hit by car

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Two boys have been left with severe, potentially life-changing injuries after being hit by a car.

Reuben and Fraser had been walking to school on February 2 when they were struck by the vehicle at around 8.46am.

The boys, both 15, were airlifted to Leeds General Infirmary (LGI) following the incident on Yew Tree Lane in Harrogate.

They are expected to remain in the hospital for a number of weeks while they recover, reports Yorkshire Live.

Angela Padgett, Reuben’s aunt, said: “They are bedridden, Rueben’s arm is broken in a number of places, so are his ankles, legs and Fraser is the same – it could be anything from up to a year for the recovery process.

“They are having surgery every single day since Thursday and it’ll be a matter of weeks in hospital.

“They may be potentially life-changing injuries but because they are strong and healthy boys they are likely to make a full recovery.”

Angela added: “Reuben has had to go undergo a blood transfusion, both the boys have broken arms, legs and ankles – my nephew has undergone three operations so far to repair his arm and leg.

“They both are very very brave boys and are remaining so positive. Apart from yesterday when Reuben was in excruciating pain he hasn’t stopped being positive.”

The pair have beds next to each other in the children’s ward at LGI, and their families have been supporting them by staying at the hospital each night.

Angela’s sister was with the two boys when the incident occurred and stayed with them until the paramedics arrived; Angela said this was “traumatic in itself.”

Angela set up a Facebook page to plead for the public’s support.

As the boys are bedridden and unable to move their legs, she asked if people could make them shorts with Velcro, and hundreds of people offered to help.

She added: “There have been so many really kind people I have only come across.

“Rueben and Fraser’s friends came yesterday to visit them and lifted their spirits, despite being in pain, their friends and school have been so supportive.

“The support from people in Harrogate has been amazing.

“People have offered to make things and do things which has been brilliant.

“I want to say a huge thank you to Lorraine Mitchell, my sister’s friend, who has set up the GoFundMe to help.

“The staff at the LGI have been amazing to the boys so to say a huge thank you for them too.”

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