Kelly Rowland Shares Her Experience with Postpartum Body Dysmorphia on Emily Ratajkowski's Podcast

We know Kelly Rowland primarily as a beloved member of Destiny’s Child and a Grammy-winning solo artist. But she’s also a mom of two boys with husband Tim Weatherspoon, Titan Jewell, 8, and Noah Jon, 2, whom she gave birth to on Zoom so her whole family could be present. And if that weren’t enough, Rowland is a New York Times bestselling author of the children’s book Always with You, Always with Me about being a busy, dedicated working mom.

Rowland has been vocal about how much she’s obsessed with being a mom to her two little ones, but has also voiced the struggles that come along with that. In a newly released episode of Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast, High Low with EmRata, Rowland chatted about everything from how much better sex is in your 30’s and 40’s, thanks to a boost of body awareness, to having trouble with her postpartum body image.

In a conversation about her relationship to her body, beginning with discussing the criticism she received as a teen in the music industry for wearing tube tops, body paint, and the like, Rowland also revealed to Ratajkowski that she went through body dysmorphia after the birth of her first son. “And then the older I got and then I got pregnant and then my body shifted and I was like, whoa. This is very real. Like, you know, I went through a lot of body dysmorphia after my son because like I remember my body just changed of course, as it does after a kid,” Rowland said. “I mean, you don’t expect that and nobody prepared me for that.”

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She also described being picked apart or dismissed by people when she brought up some of the changes she was experiencing, with comments like “oh my god you’re fine,” so she advised that people stay quiet if you don’t fully understand the source someone else’s insecurity and instead just listen. Rowland mentioned being grateful for Kendrick Lamar’s song lyrics to “HUMBLE” including praise of women’s stretch marks, because that’s something she worked to embrace despite paparazzi criticism. “I was wearing my stretch marks proudly and did not give a…You know what I mean?” Rowland said.  She retold a story in which paparazzi were interrupting her beach vacation time in Sydney, Australia: “I literally bent over just so they can take a picture. The truth is, you’re not gonna rob me of my joy in my body right now. And you take the power back when that happens.”

Rowland’s appreciation for her body after the birth of her second son Noah has grown even more, and her dedication to working out is mainly to be able to move her body as the years go on, she told Ratajkowski. She wants to be able to do everything with her kids. “If they climb a mountain, I want to climb it with them.”

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