Keeping your fan on overnight could make you feel more tired in the morning

During the particularly intense heatwave, electric fans have been their full monies worth.

Experts advise keeping your bedroom curtains closed during the day to help reduce the heat later in the evening when sleeping.

But for many, keeping the fan going on all night is their preferred option.

An electric fan may be a godsend during a heatwave, but there are a few health risks to be aware of – particularly for those who like to keep it on all night.

Martin Seeley, sleep expert and CEO at MattressNextDay, reveals some of the health dangers of sleeping with a fan on all night.

Is sleeping with a fan on dangerous?

Stiff neck or sore muscles

“If you have any pre-existing muscle pains, perhaps from working out or from improper posture whilst working at a desk, you should refrain from directing the electric fan on this area throughout the night,” Seeley explains.

“This is because the concentrated cool air can make your muscles tense and cramp up, causing you even more pain.

“You may even notice that you’ve gained a stiff neck since using an electric fan, so refrain from using it for a few nights to see if you spot a difference.”

Triggers allergens and asthma

A lesser-known problem with an electric fan in the room overnight is that it tends to circulate all the dust mites, spores, pollen and other allergens.

This will result in excessive sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, itchy throats and breathing difficulties.

“If you have the budget, it is worth upgrading to a better fan that can purify the air by reducing the pollen particles and dust mites throughout the room,” added Seeley.

Congestion and dehydration

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Electric fans may be great in helping to cool you down, but they can also dry the air in the room which over time will dry out your nose and throat.

Seeley warns this may result in your body needing to produce more mucus to help you stay hydrated.

The side effects from this include a headache, stuffy nose and sinus headaches.

Seeley advises: “To stop this from happening, you should ensure that you drink at least two litres of water throughout the day."

Dry eyes and irritation

Dry air can also cause dry eyes, which can lead to irritation.

Seeley adds: “This is even more important for those that wear contact lenses due to them increasing your likelihood of dryness and irritations.

“You can, however, get around this if you purchase a rotating electric heater as it circulates the air more.”


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