Infected Turkey-travelers threatened with chloroquine-compulsory treatment

The Covid-19-pandemic keeps the world in breath. More than 9.6 million people have been infected so far worldwide, with the novel Coronavirus, 192.150 of them in Germany – where it always comes back to local outbreaks.

Infected Turkey-travelers threatened with chloroquine-compulsory treatment

Turkey-travelers, in which there is a suspicion that you have been infected with the Coronavirus, threatens, apparently, to a compulsory treatment with the Malaria agent chloroquine. The wants of the "Spiegel" have learn. It was indeed a Turkey of any regulation in force, – said in the report. According to the foreign office, the Federal government could not cancel the travel warning because of compulsory treatment, the "Spiegel". The Federal government was first to the repeal of the provision.

Chloroquine is not approved in Germany for the treatment of Covid-19-patients. The use is controversial. The Mediterranean has been repeatedly promoted by US President Donald Trump and Brazil’s head of state, Jair Bolsonaro, the protection measures, such as output restrictions on the other hand, little bit of Corona.

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