Heavy mass infection in the Harz Hotel

Severe gastro-intestinal infections in a fully-coated resin-Hotel

Numerous guests of a hotel in the Harz mountains, are suffering from severe gastro-intestinal infections and several victims needed to be delivered in surrounding hospitals. In the fully occupied Hotel, a state of emergency since Thursday virtually. Cause noroviruses are believed to be, but a final confirmation is still pending.

“In the Maritim Hotel in Braunlage it is this Morning for triggering a so-called Mass casualties (MANV). Reason complaints from several guests,“ the notice from the district of Goslar on Thursday were gastro-intestinal. Which is the pathogen behind the complaints is, is currently under review and is expected to be the results of the laboratory tests will be available on Monday. Already now, however, norovirus is as a trigger suspected. Also, the health Department of the County is on site to help with the containment of the infections.

Emergency care for the Affected

The information provided by the senior emergency physician, according to the number of people Affected was on Thursday on “30 people who were cared for in the course of the Morning, rescue service”, the communication of the district. Three guests were brought for further treatment in surrounding hospitals. On Thursday, the Medical Director of the emergency medical service, Dr. Tobias Steffen stressed, however, that it could not be excluded “that other holiday makers will suffer in the coming days with similar symptoms.”

Infection numbers continue to rise

On Friday, the number of cases of hotel guests has risen to 60, reported NDR 1, citing a spokesperson of the district of Goslar. Approximately 15 percent of the approximately 400 guests are already affected. The information from the NDR according to the number of people who had to be admitted to hospital has risen to eight. To investigate the health Department is now in charge of the task, the infectious cause and the dissemination of the notice from the district of Goslar. Here it is to deny the responsibility of the health authorities, the appropriate measures with the hotel management, and to initiate, prevent further spread of the virus infection.

Comprehensive countermeasures to

Already have been taken in the Hotel several measures to counteract the spread of the pathogen. So it was set according to the hotel Director compared to the NDR of the Buffet operation, it is disinfectant were provided and the food was currently being served with gloves and mouth protection. All the guests were informed and the hotel operation is to be continued. The extent to which the measures of success, will only become clear in the coming days. Because the incubation period is, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in the case of Norovirus infections around 48 hours and the Virus will still be excreted for up to 14 days after an acute illness on the chair. Therefore, a careful sanitation and hand hygiene even after the acute Phase is required.

The season of norovirus

Currently, Norovirus infections are seasonal in all of lower Saxony is on the rise. So the health office in the 51 were, according to the Country. Calendar week 351 new infections reported and the total number of infections in the calendar weeks 48. to 51. with 1136 cases, significantly above the expected number of cases (927). In the district of Goslar, in the 51. Calendar week 28 cases have been reported, but confirmation of a suspicion of norovirus in the Hotel this number in the 52 would. Calendar week suddenly more than tripled.

Symptoms of a Norovirus infection