Ex-Mr. universe Ralf Moeller: that’s Why he looks 60 years – and also feels good

The body as capital: As a Bodybuilder and Mr. universe, began to Ralf Moeller (60) in his career, before Hollywood discovered, and he’s a powerhouse role in the "Gladiator" got.

So far, so good. What only few know: Moeller vegan. The export hit from Recklinghausen, posted a Before-and-After-picture on Instagram, which shows his physical change since the change in Diet. The AZ spoke with the American about his new life.

Dear Mr. Moeller, surprise: you can slurp in the morning, neither of protein Shakes yet, they’re very strong in the evening mountains of Steaks?
Ralf Moeller:
For heaven’s sake, then I’d probably be already under the ground. By the way, I start with oatmeal in the day. What many people believe, but I know, as a rather active person, what I am talking about: sports and Fitness are all well and good, but 70% of the diet.


How did it come to your mind, and diet change?
I’m not 20 anymore, of course I’m bothered about getting Older. We invest a lot in our lives evening – unfortunately, only financially. We pay into the pension Fund, saving and so on. But we need to start to invest more in our body, this is important. And I realized, fortunately, a few years ago.

Was there a specific trigger?
My cholesterol values were increased, everything else was good. In America, in certain circles, there is the Veggie Trend much longer. If you meet Brad Pitt or Leo DiCaprio, both of which look fantastic, it also changes about their diet. The secret is this: little meat, lots of vegetables.

You have deleted from one day to the other meat from your meal plan?
No, I had not Packed. I like to have eaten meat. Would have to me at the time, as I with 27 Mr. universe was, someone said that I would later go vegan, I would have declared him crazy. Chicken, fish, Steak – all of that has been a part of my life. But at some point you start to think.

What are you considered?
I have about the climate and animal welfare thinking, about these terrible mass-animal-attitude, the unnecessary slaughter of farm animals. It all goes still well, so that we can change a little. I have informed myself more and more and a Veggie day loaded and looked to see how I feel then. Quite simple. When I was in Germany, it was difficult for me to refrain from eating meat. On the Oktoberfest, I suddenly had a Schnitzel on my plate.


Why? Veggie is also more and more widespread.
Yes, the already. Nevertheless, it is in L. A. to worlds easier to eat vegan and varied. Many people connect with vegan a rather joyless, unsexy way of life. This is wrong. It is not about to abandon or starve, but to discover new outstanding dishes.

For Example?
I love vegan rice curry, vegan Pizza Margherita, ‘ve discovered Beetroot for me, rice and almond milk. The Beyond-Meat-Burger has now arrived in Germany, there are very a lot more products that taste like meat and the truth is, planting in the West.

When was the last Time you had meat?
I don’t know. Must be about three years ago.

How do you feel today?
I have a different energy. Better sleep, better focus. I feel in better shape.

Are Your Cholesterol Values?
After two months of a vegan way of life back to top.


Are muscles shrunk?
The many people think. But: no. The muscle building proteins that I take, more than ever, to me. Alone protein bombs are beans. Yesterday, my doctor told me after a Check, that I have Years of the values in a 39.

How good is that cigars are vegan, right?
Yes, and red wine also. On the weekend I let it get to me like to good to go. I don’t want anybody to be converted. But every now and again it can’t hurt to get a few thoughts of what you want inside.

This article was written by Kimberly Hagen