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Sudden hair loss due to the pandemic of Stress?

Hair loss may be due to various causes, to evaluate where the Stress as a potential trigger. This is according to Dr. Shilpi Khetarpal of the Cleveland Clinic (USA) is also one of the reasons to list why more and more cases of a “pandemic-related shock hair loss” are. The Stress of the Corona-crisis has cost some people the hair.

As Dr. Shilpi Khetarpal reported in a recent article, the Cleveland Clinic, are in the world in the Wake of the Coronavirus pandemic occurred more cases of sudden hair loss. This “shock hair loss” was the result of the pandemic stress and up to 50 percent of your hair can go here, according to the testimony of the expert would lose.

Stress causes hair loss

It is already known that some people lose after particularly stressful events, large amounts of hair. If you are under a lot of Stress, be it physical or emotional, can have far-reaching consequences on the body. “Any major shock to your System can bring up to 50 percent of your hair early in your hair loss phase,” said Dr. Khetarpal. The shock-like hair loss is to determine, for example, in the case of women a few weeks after the birth more often.

Hair loss is offset in time

In addition, it can take after an extremely stressful experience for two to three months, until the hair fall out, reports the expert. Therefore, to be now noted increased complaints about hair loss, because since the beginning of the pandemic, a few months passed already. However, Dr. Khetarpal has a reassuring message for all Concerned: The hairs grow after, and in the majority of cases, the Problem is gone within about six months.

Stress reduction in hair loss

In addition, the stress reduction offers a possible approach to the pandemic-related hair loss prevent. Relaxation exercises such as autogenic Training or Yoga could be helpful. The expert advises of the Other, to Move sufficiently and to ensure a balanced diet.

Protein-rich diet note

For example, we know “that proteins are the building blocks for our hair, our skin and our nails, so make sure that you take a diet with a higher protein content,” said Dr. Khetarpal. This also seems against the Background of a current study, the associated proteins with a low early mortality risk, a very useful tip.

As soon as your body from the Stress of recovering, you should also ensure that your hair receives the nutrients it needs to rebuild, said Dr. Khetarpal. Here is antioxidants, vitamins, and Biotin are helpful to strengthen the hair. As the pandemic is, however, expected to continue for months, is not to be expected with a stress-relief for the time being, to and the cases the sudden hair loss will probably continue to increase. (fp)

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