Chips for the Zoom WhiteSpeed ​​lamp: how to reduce the cost of teeth whitening

To remain competitive in the dental market, you need to have the most modern equipment. For example, the teeth whitening service is quite popular. There are many ways to do this. But the most effective is whitening with a Philips Zoom lamp with LED light source. This device helps to make a snow-white smile in just one procedure: 45 minutes – and you can usually forget about re-whitening for at least a few years.

How to use the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed ​​Lamp with a replaceable chip for less cost The Zoom

Lamp needs a replaceable chip that starts the whitening process. And it has a limited number of sessions – it is designed for 4 uses. This chip is put on top of the lamp and allows you to do four lighting for 15 minutes for each approach, and, therefore, is designed for one patient. The chip is sold with an individual whitening kit and is considered a consumable item. Chips are quite expensive and need to be constantly purchased. However, there is an alternative – an unlimited chip for Zoom, which has been produced since 2017. Bleach Infiniter is a chip with an almost unlimited working life. It fully matches the size and technology of the original Philips chip, which is installed in the replacement head of the Zoom WhiteSpeed ​​lamp. The device itself always shows all 4 cycles available, without writing them off when used. Thus, having bought an endless chip for teeth whitening, you can forget about this consumable forever. And, accordingly, it is faster to pay back such an expensive device as Zoom WhiteSpeed. Imagine a printer that can be refilled with ink – it’s almost exactly the same!

How and where to buy chips for teeth whitening

On the Bleach Infiniter website you can buy unlimited chips for the Zoom lamp online with delivery to your city. The warehouse is located in Barcelona, ​​which ensures fast delivery within Spain. We recommend that you first read the reviews about unlimited chips – for example, on special forums of dentists, the savings and efficiency of using this method of teeth whitening are fully confirmed. You can also read real customer reviews in your Google Maps and LinkedIn account.