George Clooney Says Daughter Ella, 3, Is Getting in on More Family Pranks: She's 'Picked Up the Mantle'

There's a new prankster in the Clooney family!

In an Entertainment Tonight sneak peek of a recent interview with Hoda Kotb, airing in full on Thursday on NBC News' Today and Today with Hoda & Jenna, George Clooney revealed that his 3-year-old daughter Ella has gotten more involved with family pranks after learning the skill from her father.

"My whole job, really, is to teach them terrible things," Clooney joked. "I really do enjoy teaching my children to do things that shock their mother."

The 59-year-old said that while Ella's twin brother Alexander typically takes the reigns when it comes to pranking, she has also started to get in on the action.

"My daughter has now picked up the mantle," Clooney said in the ET clip. "She used to think it was really gross, all the things we did, but then she saw how many laughs Alexander got and now she's taken it up, too."

Clooney also recounted to Today a hilarious story about a diaper prank he pulled with his kids, which he previously told PEOPLE.

"I did work with them on putting Nutella in a diaper and then eating it [prank]. Whenever a stranger is around, they'll come in holding it, like, 'Papa, it's a dirty nappy!' and I go, 'Okay, I'll take care of it,' and then they eat the Nutella out of the nappy," he told PEOPLE in December.

Pleased with their budding talent, he said, "You can imagine the freak-outs we get. … Yeah, I taught them that."

As for his wife Amal's reactions to the pranks, Clooney told Kotb, "She's like, 'Really? That's what they learned today?' And I'm like, 'Well, you know.' "

"The worst thing you can do is leave me alone with them for a long period of time because the things they learn are just horrific," he teased.

Clooney also opened up to PEOPLE in December about raising his kids, explaining how his life has changed since entering fatherhood in 2017. Clooney also said he's enjoying watching Ella and Alexander develop distinct personalities.

"It's funny, they're twins, but they're very different," he said, offering an example: "Ella is very shy around adults. We have a Saint Bernard puppy, Rosie, and she's like 125 lbs. of sheer energy. She got stung by a bee, and now when we walk the dog and hikers go by, Ella kind of hides her face while Alexander walks right up and says, 'Rosie got stung by a bee.' He explains it to every single person."

"You learn so much with twins because you're raising them both at the same time, born the same day, but you realize how little it has to do with you," Clooney added. "They were the person they were going to be when they were born. Now all your hope is to just kind of guide them along in the right direction."

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